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Window locks & ventilation latches
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  • This letter plate is suitable for both interior and exterior doors.

  • Easy to cut out and install.

  • This letter plate is manufactured in plastic and the surface finishes available are anodiced aluminum or anodiced gold.

  • The elegant design makes this letter plate suitable for more exclusive settings.

  • The screws are hidden and the materials are combined in a new and modern way.

  • Can be adjusted for different door thickness.
 Part number   

Surface finish
Anodiced aluminum
Anodiced gold
Part No


Letter plate 2003
For rainproof interior and exterior doors.
Door thickness range: Adjustable

 Colors aviable   
Anodiced aluminum

Anodiced gold

 Downloads (PDF)   
Full specification (174kB) english
(including cut out drawing, installation instruction and measurements)
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